You Challenge

We Simplify


You challenge

You challenge the current
knowledge and push the
boundaries of the unknown.

We simplify

We simplify your message
for it to reach your audience
in a crystal-clear manner.


We believe in science
as a motor of development
of our society.

How many times are we unable to explain a scientific idea or a complex technique we are using for our experiments to someone who does not belong to our field?

How many times has it happened not to find suitable explanatory images for a complex project that you wanted to pitch to an audience?

How many times have we wished to explain a complex molecular mechanism with a one-minute video to get the attention of the public?

Communication is key in bringing science to both peers and public.

At WeSceince we have the goal to professionally support and guide you to most effectively communicate your research data in order to reach the largest possible audience and to give credit to your valuable scientific findings.



What we can offer you

2 video and design

& Video

We provide high quality illustrations and videos to enhance the impact of your message.

1 writing proofreading

& Editing

We help you refine and perfect your work to communicate your message accurately and clearly.

4 Scientific consulting


We advise you on the right strategies and methods to achieve the best result with your work.

“We are your leading partner covering all steps and services. We guarantee expertise, reliability, a fast and uncomplicated communication and outstanding work, while treating all your submitted data with complete confidentiality.

WeScience has had the pleasure to collaborate with universities, biotech pharma, research institutions, publishing companies, and people from all over the world. We would be delighted to welcome you and add your name in WeScience.

Anja, PhD(Teacher at Novartis, Basel, Switzerland)
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It was very easy and straigth forward to communicate with WeScience. My ideas were understood from the beginning and small details that I imagined differently were changed quickly following my further short discussion with WeScience. The scientific drawings that I asked them to create are really fancy, catchy and very beautiful. Based on those schematics we will be able to explain complex biology to a broad audience. I am looking forward already to the next common project with WeScience.
Julian, MD(University of Brescia, University Hospital of Brescia, Italy)
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As English is not my mother tongue, I contacted WeScience for proofreading of my specialization thesis in medical surgery. Within a short period, I received already first parts reviewed from WeScience and they continued to work with a high pace as I asked them for high priority due to my close deadline of handing in the thesis. I am completely satisfied with the work of WeScience and I am sure I will continue to collaborate with those guys because they have a huge scientific background and it is super easy for them to understand my scientific needs.
Rexhep, PhD(Scientist at Neurimmune, Zürich, Switzerland)
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For a scientific presentation of my current project in drug discovery I was looking urgently for an explanatory video that would not generally describe the circumstances of the target, but specifically underline these details which are important for my project. A friend of mine recommend me WeScience and indeed these guys are very professional, fastly in replying to my requests and delivering stunning video material. I guess the fact that WeScience people do have a high and diversify scientific background simplifies strongly the communication and collaboration with them.
Meri, MSc(Heart Disease Specialist Nurse at Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital, Brescia, Italy)
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WeScience helped me a lot with the proofreading of my Master Thesis. They knew what to do without giving me the time to explain to them. The service is very professional and WeSciencers are very easy going and efficient. Thanks a lot.
Raphael, PhD(Professor at Federal University of Parana, Brazil)
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We had only three days for submitting our grant proposal and we were desperately looking for a scientific illustration explaining the molecular mechanism of our work. WeScience was precious. They pay great attention to detail. They presented work properly checked and completely representing the main message of our proposal. WeScience has outstanding artistic and craft skills, bringing creativity and originality to science. Always succeeds in getting ideas clearly. Conversations with WeScience are two-way. Highly recommended.
Mario, PhD
Mario, PhD (Post-Doc at University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland)
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We got known to WeScience during the lockdown period. It was recommended by a colleague of mine. We needed to prepare some scientific cartoons for our paper. They were just amazing. They created perfect scientific cartoons for our paper which explained the mechanism of action of our molecule. I strongly support those guys. Looking forward to collaborating with them again.
MichaelPhD at Ohio State University, Columbus (Ohio), US
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WeScience service is very professional and quick! Their amazing work significantly improved my manuscript. I got some very good advice from my editor/proofreader. Highly recommended!
Mark, PhD
Mark, PhD(Post-Doc University of Newcastle, Newcastle, England)
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WeScience helped us to publish our paper in Oncogene (Nature). Their scientific advice was very useful. Their scientific illustration for the paper too.Their team, made by young expert international scientists, is the key of their success. Their easy-going attitude and hilarious way of communication enforced our partnership. Highly recommended!
Alison, PhD
Alison, PhD(Scientist, Roche Glycart, Zürich, Switzerland)
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I contacted WeScience for realizing a short video with the graphic explanation of my work. Together with the team, we realized an amazing detailed scientific video that I am using in all my presentations. Great job. Thank You WeScience.
Michael, Prof. Dr.
Michael, Prof. Dr.(Professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
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WeScience has been extremely responsive to our ideas for designing cartoons and an animation video, and the final product was of outstanding quality. During the process, they repeatedly and very quickly adjusted the drafts according to our feedback and the price overall was very reasonable. We had a very tight deadline but WeScience worked even over the weekend to provide excellent drafts. I would highly recommend WeScience and we will be happy to use their services again in the future.
Cindy, PhD
Cindy, PhDCommunication Specialist at Berkeley, (California), US
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WeScience was recommended by a colleague who contacted them for one of his scientific projects. WeScience helped us with the creation of a 3D video and a 2D explainer video. The science and the graphics quality they produced for us are simply stunning. The way they communicate is very easy and open despite their scientific background and their experience are relevant. They provide excellent and original products. I liked the personalized music they provide for our videos. I had a pleasant experience and I am very pleased to work with WeScience again in the next future.
Daniela M.
Daniela M.PhD, CEO, Co-Founder at Cutiss, Zürich, Switzerland
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Working with WeScience was a pleasure, they truly helped us shaping our company vision and mission in a way that everyone understands and has the chance to engage.
Villa E., PhD
Villa E., PhDPrincipal Investigator, University of California, La Jolla
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Working with WeScience, and in particular Marco, was a fantastic experience. We had been wanting high quality schematic images for our experimental workflow for our publications and talks, and hoping that they would be useful for others in the field. The push that we needed to get us going was including them in a book chapter, and we were on a very tight deadline. Working with Marco was like a dream: he is knowledgeable about science and took a lot of interest in our experimental set up, going above and beyond what we initially thought to make the images more instructive and appealing. We are looking forward to working with WeScience again, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting accurate, informative, and stunning visuals of their scientific work.
Digvijay Singh, PhD
Digvijay Singh, PhDPost Doctoral Fellow at University of California, San Diego (US)
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The cryo-focused ion beam milling is a micromachining tool that has been adapted for the precise micromachining of snap-frozen (vitrified) biological samples. This results in regions of cells with a thickness suitable for cryo-electron microscopy imaging, thus paving the way for ultra-high-resolution imaging of molecular complexes inside the cells and tissues.We needed to demonstrate the wide range of geometries for different biological samples, i.e., bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells. WeScience was able to grasp our ideas and requirements quickly and produced beautiful images capturing the essence of the use of cryo-focused ion beam milling in biology. The attention to detail and stunning visuals produced the clearest schematics we have seen; they greatly exceeded our expectations! These images will be used in a chapter for an upcoming book on modern cryo-electron microscopy focusing on tomography and will thus be widely used and discussed in the scientific community. The communication with WeScience was quick and clear, enabling a smooth back and forth and seamless incorporation of our requested edits into the images. We highly recommend them!

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