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Your project will be assigned to an expert WeSciencer who will take care of everything and will be in contact with you if necessary.

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Once the project is finished, you will be contacted by e-mail, whatsapp or phone. You will discuss with the WeSciencer any putative changes, refinements and improvements.

WeScience offers a wide range of writing, proofreading and editing services on a broad scope of technical and scientific texts. 

Your text will be professionally edited and proofread by language specialists who are native speakers of English and by academic writing experts in each field. Our scientific editors have knowledge of a variety of professional and academic fields and are qualified to expertly refine your particular type of document. 

We correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, improve text flow and sentence structure to simplify and clarify your message and improve its impact. We ensure your documents are error-free and impactful, with flawless language and formatting. 

Our services of simple proofreading (grammar check) or editing (including style and formatting improvements) include, but are not limited to:

Writing, Proofreading & Editing

1 writing proofreading




3 pubblication support

Expedite the publishing process by allowing WeScience to handle a variety of publication support tasks on your behalf. We can assist you with all the steps of publishing cycle. 

We can help you find journals that are best suitable for publishing your research, prepare your manuscript for submission, take care of correspondence with journal editors. Moreover, we offer a peer-review ahead of submission. 

Our services include:

We offer high-quality scientific illustration and video services to communicate your message accurately and clearly in a graphical way. 

We summarize your finding through custom-made illustrations and infographics for journal figures and covers, presentations, grant applications, and public outreach. 

We simplify your scientific message by creating animated video content at the leading edge of journal publishing trends and turn findings into an engaging and accessible overview that is perfect for sharing on websites and social media, extending the reach and visibility of your research. 

Our services include:

Illustrations & Video

2 video and design

Scientific consulting

4 Scientific consulting

Take the stress out of getting your manuscript submission-ready. WeScience services support your publication efforts. 

We offer a wide range of services to reach the full potential of your work, from bibliography collection to scientific strategy. 

Our consulting services include:

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