We are a team of PhD-qualified international scientists located around the globe. Our mission consists of simplifying science and helping our customers to communicate their scientific ideas and works clearly and effectively. 

Our multidisciplinary background gives us the right tools to deliver and spread your message accurately. We strive to make professional editing and proofreading of scientific work, high quality scientific illustrations and videos and scientific consulting to help your work reach the next level. 

Our final common goal is to make your science stunning.

About us

We have values...

1 Expertise


We have globally competitive expertise in our specialist field. We are accustomed to working in teams with high levels of diverse knowledge on different projects.

2 Innovative


We are innovative in our thinking and approach in order to come up with the most suitable solutions and create novel concepts.

3 Analytical


Our technical and detail-oriented skills have been honed over the years to a high level, allowing us to come up with true insights with relevant helpful conclusions.

...and strengths

5 Organization


We manage complex projects, control, expenditures and ensure timely completion of work.

4 Problem Solving

Problem Solving

As scientists we are used to facing challenges and are experienced in adapting and developing new solutions.

6 Receptive to feedback

Receptive to feedback

Open to feedback as we are taught that we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

“In WeScience we keep striving for better.

It is in our DNA to make you reach your goals of science."

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